About us

International Kindergarten of Szczecin


From 1st September 2009 Szczecin International School expanded its educational offer, referring to the establishment of a kindergarten - International Kindergarten of Szczecin.

The kindergarten implements the teaching of the Polish Curriculum.


Our staff are people who have qualifications in the field of early learning and preschool education, and also English. The form teacher of each group has an assistant who also has equivalent qualifications to work with children.

We also cooperate with teachers of eurhythmics, physical education and computer science.

All the employees are people full of passion and commitment, who love to work with children.


A new place, new people and big changes in life are stressful even for adults. We know that starting a kindergarten is an equally important event for children and parents. We really want the first days in the kindergarten to be a positive experience, so the first week of IKS is always time for acclimatisation. If necessary, the time is extended according to the needs of the child.

How does it work?

We suggest an adaptation time to take place without parents. Then the little person knows immediately that the kindergarten is a time for playing with peers, and not a place where the parents will accompany him throughout the whole stay. On the first day the child stays in the kindergarten only for 2 or 3 hours. With each day of the week this time is systematically extended. This way of adapting works really well in our kindergarten and it provides the possibility to avoid the day of final separation from the parents, in which suddenly the child stays at the kindergarten for the first time all alone – with no mum or dad. We take our children seriously and therefore we do not want them to have the mistaken belief that kindergarten is a place to stay with parents.



Ourkindergartenhas just two groups. The youngergroup isfor childrenfrom2.5 yearsto3.5 yearsand the olderone from4 yearsto5 years. Each grouphas 17places. There are two people taking care of the children from each group a teacherandan assistant. Additionally, thechildrenaresupported by our kindergarten help.

All subjects are taught in English. The programme includes the standard classes, gymnastics classes and music classes. The older group of children also has classes in the computer lab. All forms of the preschool education provide good fun and a friendly and safe environment, which is adjusted to the needs of the children.

Education in the International Kindergarten of Szczecin is a very well prepared - both in terms of language and basic knowledge and skills - for children to continue their education in the primary school at Szczecin International School.


In our kindergarten sleeping is not required. We all know that each little person has already their own character and preferences. Some have energy for the whole day, while others love to take a nap after dinner. So whether the child has a nap or not depends on the child or with clear indications from the parents.


Our kindergarten does not have its own kitchen. All the meals are prepared by a catering service.


We accept children throughout the whole year. Interested parents should bring a completed application, which is available on our IKS website. Upon receipt of the application and confirmation of a free place in an appropriate age group, a contract can be signed.


Entrance fee – 500 PLN

Monthly fee – 1500 PLN

(Monthly fee includes: all additional classes like sports, rhythmics, karate, modern dance, basics of playing instruments, computer classes, all art materials and educational aids, full board, all possible trips,workshops, performances, concerts